When I was just a wee little girl I would lay out my clothes for the next day on my bedroom floor (I’m talking everything…undies and socks included) All perfectly styled and placed on display! Not to say that I haven’t gone through my own questionable style phases in life but fashion and style have always been a major passion for me.  Adding another life passion/purpose of mine of helping others and it’s a win win for me, so thank you, I am grateful.  

I have embarked on a journey to help others look and feel confident in their bodies and find their personal style.  My goal is to have as many women as I can feeling like they can walk out the door feeling like “Heck yeah I’m a glimmering piece of hotness!”

  Here’s my deal…or offerings I should say;

  1. In-home wardrobe consulting sessions will help you see the hidden gems in your closet and after completing a wardrobe detox and clearing yourself of the items that no longer serve you, or “Spark Joy” as Marie Kondo would say!…I would say “donate anything that doesn’t make you feel freaking amazing”! I will teach you exactly how to pair the pieces you have and curate outfits you can throw on without a thought (because I’ve already done that part for you, and you have now honed the skill to dress yourself and feel confident…yaaaaas!).  I will also provide you with digital mood boards that you can use as inspiration while selecting your outfits or when shopping for new pieces. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!
  2. Personal Shopping sessions to either create or incorporate into your personal style showing you how to infuse some more trendier pieces with your older ones to bring you into the current season.  Ohhhhh babe, you are going to look gouuuda I promise!
  3. Make-you-over! Nope I’m not joking.  The days of makeovers are NOT dead babes and if you are feeling stuck in your style or have a special event…or date to attend and you’re looking to reinvent yourself then you have to contact me now, because there is nothing I love more than to be part of an evolution, especially personal ones!

I truly want to help YOU exude YOU.  Gah I’m so passionate about this!!!  This world is full of copies and it’s time you express who YOU are and add your uniqueness to this crazy amazing world that we are all blessed to be a part of.  So let’s put your style stamp on it.

A little p.s. Discarded clothing will be given to appropriate charities as donations or can be sold on consignment.  No clothing will be discarded without permission.

Jade Gordine-Robson