In-home wardrobe consultation (the closet detox)

Do you have a closet full of clothes but you stand there staring blankly not sure of what goes with what? “Do these pants go with this shirt?” “Can I wear both of these together?” “OMG now I have to pick shoes too??!!”
Let me into your closet (literally) and I will help you see the potential of your pieces and put together outfits that work.

It will be fun I swear, like two bff’s going through your closet and hey if your nice I’ll even bring wine!

Did I mention we will complete what I like to call a wardrobe detox or wardrobe enlightenment, donating any items that you no longer feel the vibes from! ‘Peace out pants from high school mama got a new vibe’.

Personal Shopping Services

Too busy to hit the change room or just want to avoid those ohhh sooo forgiving lights?! Or maybe you want a shopping bae who knows a thing or two about fashion by your side? Either way it is my mission to shop for pieces that will keep you killing it in the style department and boost your confidence in the LIFE department.

You deserve to be the best version of yourself inside and out, so let me help you achieve it babes. My goal is to give you the tools to dress yourself with confidences so can you shine!

*also offering my personal shopping services for gifts etc. Contact me for info

I’ve EVOLVED make me over!

Have you been through a big change in your life? Did you land a new job, find a new man or maybe you are taking the leap and launching your own empire? Being a boss babe is exciting but can also be a bit intimidating if you don’t feel confident in your own skin.

Sometimes you just feel stuck in a fashion rut and need a revival to get things shaking again, to put the swagger back in your step! This is where my “I’ve EVOLVED make me over” services will be the right choice for you. I will re-style your wardrobe, hair and make up and finish with an mini photo shoot. Heyyy social media it me!

Contact me today so you can be a new you tomorrow!